LEGO Master’s Tournament #2

Our first LEGO Tournament was such a success that I have decided to do a Winter version. The first tournament lasted six weeks, this one will last four weeks. The judges will not be the congregation, but the winners from the Fall LEGO Master Tournament. The videos will be combined and released to the congregation when the tournament is complete.

Children and families form teams to be a part of the four week tournament. Families or children or youth register in advance. Levels are adjusted for ages. Each week the child/team builds a scene that is assigned to them. A video of the build is taken by family. Lego builds are uploaded to a dropbox. The LEGO Masters have two days to vote/judge the projects. The projects are voted on for creativity, staying true to the story, use of LEGOs, and originality in telling the story. Builds are based on Bible stories, Liturgy, and St. Paul’s Community.

Each week: the highest score picks first story and then go in order.  Each team choses a different story. We meet on Zoom to remind them of how they are scored, get the scores from the previous week and pick their assignments. We met Sundays. They have until Friday at 4:00 PM to complete and video tape their project.

This is a wonderful way to have an online formation that interests the whole family.