Celebrating/Keeping the Season of Easter

Everyone enjoys and celebrates the build up to Christmas! In the Christian faith, Easter is a more important day, yet it is not seen this way in our world. Once the Easter baskets and egg hunts are done, it is seen as over. This makes Christmas seem a bigger day in our faith. There are several ways that we can help families to continue the Easter celebration.

First is teaching families that Easter is a season and lasts eight weeks. It is a season of joy and love. Next, give them ways to continue beyond the church walls the celebration of Easter.

  • Each night families can share something that brought them joy in their day. After everyone has shared, say a prayer of thanks for the gift of the joys.
  • Once a week, have a “Favorite” Night. Examples are to have a dinner made up of one of everyone’s favorite foods (don’t worry about being healthy for one meal) or extend it by once a week adding someone’s favorite food. Another example is to have a Favorite Movie Night or Favorite Book reading Night, where each person takes a turn sharing their favorite with the family. Add in a Favorite Game Night or Favorite Song Night (the music plays during dinner.)
  • Go for a walk or to a park and point out the things that bring you happiness and say a quick prayer of thanks.
  • Keep a family Gratitude Journal and before bed say thanks to God for the items listed in it.
  • Read the Bible as a family or a book of Bible Stories.
  • Find a community service project to spread love to others.
  • Celebrate a family members Baptism, bring out pictures, clothes, and talk about hw=ow that person is special to your family.
  • Find times and ways to say “Alleluia!”

For churches, encourage Easter as a Season! Look for fun opportunities to include families with children. They can plant flowers, make cards for a nursing home, and other projects. Have them write their name on hand imprint with the project they completed and hang it on a wall or bulletin board. Show the love of helping hands!