Advent 2020

This years Advent will be very different. More than ever, our job as the church is to equip families to worship, learn, and grow in their own home. I have put together an Advent take home Kit. Families will drive up to get their kit. Each week will be divided into weeks. I use large business envelopes marked clearly Advent I, Advent II, Advent III, Advent IV, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There is, also, an envelope marked “Open now”.

Our families look forward to getting their kits. Children get very excited to know it is coming.

I send out the theme and get a different person to write the devotion. Each page of the devotion includes scripture, reflection and a prayer.

Here is the outline for our 2020 Kit:

Advent 2020 Home Kits During Time of Covid 19

General include:

  • What is Advent?
  • Coloring sheet for praying while coloring with instructions
  • Instructions for Advent Wreath -how to make one and how to use it.
  • Child’s Advent Wreath how to make one and supplies to make one
  • Devotions (see each week)
  • Nativity Making Kit,
  • Paper Nativity Kit (several options included)
  • Creche Activities sheet and Creche blessing sheet
  • Invitation to Stations of the Nativity
  • Invitation for Lessons & Carols

Nov. 29: Angels Among Us (theme)

  • Angel explanation
  • Angel craft-coffee filter angels, gold pipe cleaners, small ball three coffee filters & how to.
  • Angel Devotion
  • Angel Coloring page:
  • Angel “gift”
  • Instructions to make Mary & Angel for Creche
  • Outreach project-purchasing a gift from the “Angel” Tree

December 6: Saints Among Us

December 13: Prophets Among Us (Shepherds among us)

December 20: Disciples Among Us (Mary and others who live their faith)

December 24: God Among Us

December 25: Merry Christmas!

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