Creating a Meaningful Ministry for New Parents and Infants

One of the most meaningful ministries that I began was a ministry for “about to be” parents, new parents, and infants in their first year of life. This ministry has provided support and love for those facing the transition to parenthood and to those who do the ministry.

I have thirteen members of the Guild, who each take a month and are assigned a family based on the due date or birthdate of the child.

Guild of the Christ Child

Purpose:  The Guild of the Christ Child is to surround in prayer, love and hospitality a mother expecting a child and then the newborn through one year of age.  The time of transition of a pregnancy and a newborn can be stressful.  The Guild of the Christ Child, through prayer, love, and hospitality will act as a peaceful presence during the transition.

What we do:

During Pregnancy, the mother is assigned a Guild of the Christ Child member.  This Guild person will send a card and contact the mother to let her know that she is being prayed for.  She will pray.

When the baby is born (if they do not have a Guild member then one will be assigned), the Guild member will provide a meal and some gifts including a prayer booklet. Our knitting ministry makes blankets and hats that we give.

During the First year of life, the Guild member will continue contact and prayer.

When the parents and child come to church for the first time after birth, the Guild member will look for them and help them including showing them where the nursery and cry room is if needed.

At the baby’s baptism, the Guild provides a banner for the family and a Bible is provided. The Guild member gives them a card.

At one year of age, the Guild gives the baby, a child’s first book of prayers.

The Guild also hosts a social event or gathering once or twice a year to help new moms come together.

Goals:  Every baby will have a Guild person following them.