Lent Ideas 2022

Lent is a great time to encourage families to return or come to church. There are so many activities and opportunities to encourage growth, community, and formation. Here are some that I am putting into prctice this Lent.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper & Mardi Gras Party-On March 1, we offer pancakes and more. People are invited anytime during event for pancakes, games (pancake toss, pancake catch, etc.), crafts(we are decoring masks this year, and have lots of fun together.  Everyone loves to be a part of it. We play a song and have a parade where the children march around the room and the audience throws candy and beads at them.

Raffle-Our staff donates their time for some fun surprises. $1 buys a chance to win Lunch with the Rector, Surprise Serenade (from Top Gun) from our Music Director, Happy Meal Party with our Children’s Minister, “Step-Brother” shirt with picture of our Youth Minister and more. Money goes to area homeless shelter.

Ash Wednesday Family Chapel-All children of any age and their parents who wish to attend are invited to the Chapel on March 2.  Deacon Lauren will explain about ashes and the meaning of this day and Lent.  Father Nick will bless the ashes and ashes will be placed on each person.  We will join the Nave Service for communion after.  Parents are welcome to attend to learn more about the meaning of this special day and to have the language to speak to their child about the Lent Season.

Lent Take Home Bags-Each family attending Sunday School on March 6, will receive a Lent Take Home Bag.  Each week, the family gathers and takes out an object.  There is a reading from Scripture and discussion questions that go with each object.  This is a wonderful way to keep Lent and focus on the meaning of this Season.

Parent Groups– Starting March 6, parents can pick from two groups: a Book Club or a Parent Get-together (several choices) to support grow and learn together.

PJ Sunday-All children are invited to wear pajamas to church on Sunday, March 13. During Sunday School, children will receive a snack.  It is the time change and it can be hard to get children up and dressed with losing an hour sleep.  Now you just need to wake them up and bring them to church!